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Rhubarb Readings

Reading one recipe at a time...and a few quilts.
"“Of course there’s magic in food! It’s the lure of our hopes and dreams. A good meal can make people smile, forget their sorrows, remember their friends, and fall in love. That’s why we take food to funerals. To remember how good it tastes to be alive.”
—The late biscuit witch, Jane Eve Nettie MacBride, mother of Tal, Gabby and Gus, great grand-niece of the infamous biscuit witch, Mary Eve Nettie, and close cousin to the famous biscuit witch, Delta Whittlespoon of The Crossroads Café

The Biscuit Witch (A Crossroads Café Novella, Book One of the MacBrides) - Deborah Smith

The Biscuit Witch by Deborah Smith